This all started with a dream that came true: in 2003 I delivered my first truck load of school supplies to a Mongolian rural school for Globetrucker, a fully volunteer, non-profit organization. Once empty, I had to find a return load for my truck and purchased a few Mongolian yurts which I hauled back to my home country, Switzerland. They sold fast and helped finance the next school deliveries to Mongolia. The yurt business was then separated from the non-profit organization, but still finances parts of Globetrucker today.

Still today, we try to source most of our materials from the Mongolian countryside to support rural economy. We strongly believe that a profitable business can be developed sustainably.

We also support a few local development projects, in particular two women cooperatives whose felt products can be found in our catalogue. We have opened our own tree nursery, growing 25 trees (actually quite a lot more) per yurt sold. We grow them for 3 years before having them planted in the land.In Mongolia, we work with two families to produce the yurts and two more for the furnitures.

Baata and his Family

Baata is our main yurt manufacturer in Mongolia. Alongside his 13 brothers and sisters and their families, they touch every aspects of the production. Groovy Yurts wouldn’t be the same without the heart and energy that they put into each and every yurt. From the main production being done in the countryside to the final touches being apply in Ulan Bataar, they all have an important share in the yurt that will be delivered to you! The best part of our bi-annual trip to Mongolia is to get to see Baata and his family, which have become great friends!


Enee (on the right) is our indispensable extended arm in Mongolia. She takes care of everything, from day-to-day business to quality control. She’s also a life-saver because although we speak a good, albeit a little broken Mongolian, her ability to speak 4 different languages comes in extremely handy to make sure language barrier never becomes an issue.


Yves is the founder of Groovy Yurts. From its beginning with Globetrucker to the GroovyYurts’ ten year anniversary, Yves has never stopped to improve the yurts while keeping them as authentic as possible. With help and assistance from friends and manufacturers, he’s brought the Mongolian knowledge to the North American customers. With the delivery tour offered in Spring and Fall, he also takes the time to go down and deliver the yurts to our clients one-by-one, giving it a really personalized approach. Yves follows the yurts all the way from Mongolia to your door, ensuring the ultimate Mongolian experience.

Fun fact about Yves: Apart from the women in his life, Yves’ biggest love is probably his 18-wheeler Groovy truck


Rivkah is the new marketing manager and administrator at Groovyyurts! She has a solid background in event planning and marketing, she is a natural host and loves meeting new people. Rivkah believes everything in life is an opportunity for adventure, and tries to live everyday with that in mind. Besides being Groovy, Rivkah is a yoga teacher and hike leader in Tremblant.