What makes Groovy Yurts special?

Why buy an Authentic Mongolian yurt ?

  • it’s healthier, with mostly natural and organic materials

  • it’s more comfortable : with its unique construction and material, the yurt naturally breathes.

  • It is so wonderfully decorated, – it’s a hand made work of art
  • Developed over thousand of years and shaped by one of the world’s most extreme climate, it is highly efficient. Nothing beats the felt for insulating the this compact structure. It keeps it warm in the Winter, but maintains it cool in the Summer. It does work in any climate.
  • Easy to move and install

  • It has a spirit !

Attention, Authentic yurts are hand made and do need a little more care than a more industrial product. Expect for example to treat your covers every once in a while to prolong their life or adjust the door after the first year. An authentic yurt is a “living product” and this is also what makes the beauty of it !

Why buy from Groovyyurts ?

  • we love what we do and are importing yurts in Europe and North America since 2003. This is in addition to our suppliers “millenary” experience

  • we sold more than 500 yurts since 2003 and they are still used in all North American different climates. By keeping in touch with our customers, we manage to constantly improve our product, while respecting ancient Mongolian traditions.
  • We are able to produce what are probably the best Mongolian yurts today and we have the most experience in other climates!
  • we’re sourcing our yurts directly from the families of our suppliers on a principle of fair trade and deliver them to your door. We personally check every yurt shipment before departure in Mongolia and offer each of the worker a special bonus hand in hand as part of the benefits

  • we do offer a (GREAT!) customer service and can provide aftermarket support

  • we’re supporting rural development in Mongolia through several local projects, as well as a few positive initiatives in North America

  • we plant 25 trees for every yurt sold

  • twice a year, we tour North America with the Groovy truck offering direct door to door service and delivery, anywhere