Here are a few feedbacks from our customers yurts, all around North America. If you haven’t done so yet, do not hesitate to send your yurt picture and a feedback about your own Groovyyurt experience!

Eva & Beat

Eva & Beat Yukon ...We had a busy summer with lots of guests. Good thing we had the yurt!!! Everybody liked it so far. Finally I will get a change to sleep in there, too. And then I will start working in there....


Tucker New Hampshire I will try to get some pictures for you, it is an awesome place to hang out, cook meals, just being inside is so relaxing, everyone has the same response that visits. I am living there full time now, and actually have a yurt mate. Hope your having happy days.  

Bob Magee

Bob Magee 98.1 CHFI, Toronto, ON In November 2007, I spent the weekend camped out at Fairview Mall, Toronto. As the host of CHFI’s annual campaign to collect winter coats for kids, I lived in the parking lot without a coat for 50 hours. In previous years I had lived in a flimsy tent and [...]

Jerzy P.

Jerzy P. Estrie, QC We have been living in the yurt since July (2007). Its great. The only problem is that for a guy who always got up at 4:30 am now I sleep until 7 am...

Larry and Wendy

Larry and Wendy Kingston, ON We survived a hurricane last month and lots and lots of rain - still doing well in both yurts.

Pierre Cardinal and friends

Pierre Cardinal and friends Laurentians, QC The yurt is just grrreat!!