Our main warehouse is based in Alfred, ON, an hour west of Montreal, QC. Our representatives also carry some stock . We get regular shipments from Mongolia during the year and can even ship directly by air, although that’s a lot more expensive — and a lot less green!

Contact us for a precise quote. The prices shown here are just a rough indication of what to expect. Yurts of 7-walls (26’) and over are much larger and heavier and cost more to ship. The same can apply to platforms or traditional furniture. Of course, smaller yurts are cheaper to send.

Here are the different shipping solutions we offer:

Delivery Tour

At least once a year we make our delivery tour throughout North America. This “public transport” system allows us to offer unbeatable delivery charges, while reducing emissions. It also allows us to meet our customers personally and to help set up their yurts.

Depending on the destination, time of the year, and if there’s a special offer, door-to-door delivery of a 19’ yurt costs from $0 to $599. Check our special offers section, or register on our mailing list to stay informed.

Direct delivery

We can deliver ourselves any time of the year within a certain range of our locations.

Generally you have to calculate $300 within 100km (60 miles) + 70 cents per additional km. Montreal is our main base, but we might have your yurt in Fort Mc Leod (AB), or Colfax / Sacramento (CA). Other locations will be added soon. We can also offer on-site set-up assistance (generally $450 –can vary for bigger yurts).

Shipping with a transport carrier

We can ship your yurt any time with a standard carrier.

The shipping of a 19’ yurt (without platform) to a warehouse on the West Coast or central USA costs around $1500. Add $150 for a door to door delivery. It can be a little cheaper on the East Coast and in Canada.


You are of course welcome to pick-up your yurt yourself!

We’ll be glad to show you the basics of setting it up and help you pack when you come. Most yurts up to 22′ can be carried in a pick-up truck or on a small trailer.